Web app development helps organizations to empower their business and beat their competition

Reliable and cutting-edge web app development to improve your business

Web application appears as a backbone of every enterprise. Apart from that, it is also useful for supporting every phase of how internet business is managed, planned and executed. Having the wide experience and greater experience, our team of qualified developers aids you in planning, discovering and implementing the best and quality web applications. They are the most useful resources that appear as essential aspects of your internet business processes.

As trusted web app developers, Xotiv Technology offers the best kinds of web applications. Our web app developers put our complete diligence in developing completely unique yet creative web applications. These kinds of web applications have some specialized features handle lots of data and complex transactions. We are the skilled app developers who keep the performance and security in mind while developing the web applications.

Web application development


A Backbone Of Every Enterprise

We have an expert team of experienced web app developers who are catering to the global clients. The most highlighted feature of our team is that it offers the most innovative web app development solutions at affordable rates.


Web apps help to deliver the users and grow engagement.

Xotiv Technology comes with an effective web apps platform that let us develop the high-quality and most progressive web apps. The web application has incredible benefits. Apart from that, they also make it simple for delighting your customers, increase conversions and grow your business engagement.

Our web app developers use the best technologies and advanced tools to develop the most effective web application for your business. The most reliable an efficient mobile application helps business owners to reach their targeted audience soon.

Web apps
CMS applications


CMS applications are used for managing data, information or content.

CMS is a well-known word in this web development industry that gets more recognition among business owners due to its huge benefits. Xotiv Technology is an effective platform that develops the best range of CMS applications.

We provide you CMS applications to enterprises for managing their business without any proper knowledge of web development or web designing. We offer the user-friendly and cost-effective app development solutions. These are useful services that help business owners to promote and manage the content of their website. We offer the best and finest CMS applications that let you update the content.


E-commerce software is a tool behind the internet store that makes it possible to manage inventory possible.

Xotiv Technology is an effective platform that develops the best kind of e-commerce software. It is an effective engine behind various scenes of the online store. Apart from that, e-commerce software makes it likely to manage the inventory, remove or add products, calculate taxes and more required for managing your website and meet orders.

Our e-commerce software solutions simplify the intricate process in the user-friendly interface which enables individuals from non-technical backgrounds for overseeing complete e-commerce operations. We have an expert team of e-commerce software developers who bring the best kind of software to your online business.

E-commerce software
Server and hosting


Server and hosting plays a major role in posting a website onto the internet.

A server is an effective program or device which is dedicated to managing the network resources. Often servers are referred to as committed because servers carry out any other jobs rather than server tasks. Xotiv Technology is a right platform which helps you to choose the right server for hosting your website.Our hosting support helps people and organizations to post their web page or website onto the internet platform. We provide the solutions required for your webpage or website to be effectively viewed online.