Cyber forensic is the scientific approach of seizure, analysis, preservation of digital evidence involved in cyber crimes

We provide Cyber Forensic service solutions to keep your data protective

Data is the most valuable assets of any business or company. So it is always essential to make some important arrangements and measurements to protect data. For this, we offer best services under all circumstances. Our team consists of experienced data forensic professionals who have great knowledge and skills in cyber forensics so offer the best solution for prevention of cybercrime.

We provide Cyber Forensic service solutions to keep your data protective. Usually, your business-critical data should always remain yours so it is important to guard it with the right solution to cover all your needs. For this, our team provides investigative network security to ensure maximum protection of your data.

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Cyber Forensic

Unlocks Existing Data With Hybrid Integration

We have the secure, scalable as well as flexible infrastructure with providing the customized enterprise solutions. We are the leader in hybrid cloud market with the major reputation in the leading cloud-based data and analytics platform.


Disk Forensics For Disk Failure

Disks are the magnetic data storage devices and it has very delicate parts inside of them. Especially hard disk platters contain complete data on the drive. In most cases, people experience complications with the disk failure and they can crash into the surfaces when the hard drive is dropped suddenly due to the power loss.

Most people think data is irretrievable but we can do it with proper techniques. We are well-versed with advanced technology to offer best possible solutions that surely meet your needs and we follow world class standards while dealing with disk failure.

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Network Forensics to avoid complications

Network forensics is one of the popular choices for recording, capture as well as analysis network events that also carried out to discover the source of security attacks and any other complicated problem incidents.

At Xotiv Technologies we always ready to help our customers with innovative solutions. Even we offer best software development services and solutions for different niche segment. We have the dedicated team of professionals who have great experience about Network Forensics so always committed to offering the best range of services to meet your business needs based on today’s digital environment.


Mobile Device Forensics to find digital evidence

Mobile Device Forensics is the technique that deals with the triage, seizure, secured storage, decoding of data, preparation, reporting of digital evidence and acquisition found on the device.

We are one of the leading companies and also have great experience in advanced techniques to acquire the user data and information from any damaged or locked cell phones. With advanced techniques, we offer the best service and this would help them to understand what caused the data breach. In addition to this, we offer insights into aspects to prevent mishaps in the future.

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Live Forensics for surveillance

Live Forensics services provide advanced tools for acquiring live video surveillance from any type of DVR system. Even we have great ability to conduct advanced forensic analysis as well as enhancements to assist our clients.

Our digital forensic experts have depth experience so they are capable of providing high quality and end to end services; we help our client’s right from identifying any activity. Most importantly, we only use advanced technology-oriented methods as well as latest techniques to cover our clients’ needs.


Memory Forensics to retrieve data

When traditional or any other methods fail, it is better to approach experts dive deeper into the data. Our experts are ready to assist you. With the advanced forensic tools and techniques, we offer best Memory Forensics solutions.

Apart from that we also ensure prevention of incidence of data theft so you no need to worry about any factors. We are the highly talented professionals continuously focus on offering cutting-edge solutions that allow our customers to reach their targets with ease.

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Multimedia Forensics Xotiv


Multimedia Forensics for data identification, extraction

Multimedia Forensics is also included the preservation, identification, extraction, of evidence from any platform. For this, we use state of the art software as well as advanced forensic techniques

We completely examine different platform to find digital evidence involved in your case. We focus mainly on main areas and requirements of our clients. We have a crew of highly experienced and a talented professional so we always focused on cutting-edge technology to offer best services. By utilizing our Multimedia Forensics services anyone can easily achieve their highest success milestones.


Internet Forensics to reach a satisfying conclusion

Internet forensics is the important investigation method to identify someone on the Internet; it can be used when you have been stalked on the Internet, or impersonated on the Internet, or defrauded on the Internet etc. It is the effective method to know what activities or actions an individual has been involved.

We can offer best services that help you reach a satisfying conclusion. We are ready to assist you at any time. So don’t hesitate to approach our team. Our representatives are available to offer best services with friendly support.

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Ethical hacking to generate good results

Ethical hacking is the process of testing the IT resources to achieve good results. With the betterment of technology, we offer best ethical hacking solutions.

We have dedicated a team of technical computer hacker and security expert; we are also specializing in penetration testing and advanced testing methodologies that completely ensures the security of an organization's information. We are uniquely positioned to offer best possible solutions that also improve business value.