Travel & Transportation specialize designed with the innovating, simplify the large business process, digitalize, and transform IT.

Complete solution to the Travel and Transportation sectors that mingle with the modern sector for business activities.

Travel & Transportation has well planned and we create one-of-a Kind of travel management plan. Our plan filled with the combination of the innovative corporate solution for the travel along with effective event planning service. Additionally, we are assuring to make an unforgettable vacation for each client. Our team support to navigate changing worlds once in a lifetime experience customer has always dreamed of it.

Most of the customer is high demand for a personalized message and other promotion so we want to make truly experience for the customer, Xotiv has wide experience and ability to make multiple streams of data from the various firms. With the updated centric solution, we assist the T& T industry to enhance the greater experience and bring in the additional efficiency in the daily operation.

Travel and Transportation


Make Travel A Courage Not A Matter Of Money

We are the leading team who will design for travel and transportation services. In fact, this is our most outstanding industry page that discovers to get a quick response from the audience.


Data transformation for enhaced business outcome

Our Travel management system is fully web-based travel operation software which out complete with the option of the online reservation process with back-office tools and solution. On using these systems, we manage the whole business and automate working method to develop high-efficiency business across Asia, Australia USA. Our TMS is completely based simple and effective principle that helps enable the customer to sell major things as well as related to all travel. Our TMS team has filled with the expertise over the major industry such as hospitality and Agriculture.

Travel management system
ticket booking system


Data transformation for enhaced business outcome

We have online reservation software with the support of the updated technology to find out the traveler industry. Our latest technologic implementation brings regarding a break in the traditional system of ticket booking via Xotiv industry. On utilizing online reservation, the method will be beneficial for the travel management company and for the customer. This process become automated creating job easier for the travel agents and offers the user with wide choices. Our new concepts of reservation software are welcome among the traveler and other industries for the different transformation.


Data transformation for enhaced business outcome

We have a traditional method to plan ride from the informal pick point and control the booking agency t the online-based booking site. Our application let to fly matching of drivers as well as the passenger in the best manner. Our system share application based on the normal architecture, which holds two user mobile device and the service, which need to collect all rides, which are present, and ride and request. The payment of travel distance can well calculate according to the riders. Hence, our system makes traveler comfort to make use to book the travel from any point.

car pool management
Online cab booking systems


Data transformation for enhaced business outcome

Our Online cab booking systems well specialize in choosing the cabs in winning way and we have online booking systems which allow the customer to views the major available cabs, views profile, book register the cabs and much more important service. our booking systems are completely web-based platform and our application is security standard set and web-based software which required an additional internet connection to make use such the booking systems. Our software provides the administration interface that our company can control the content and obtain all booking. Our booking is system is temporarily for a period of the time that provides additional support for the customer.


Data transformation for enhaced business outcome

We aim to make use of the personalization method to generate the customized recommendation as per the preferences as well as the interest of the user. Our new system is recommended to filter unwanted data and provide a specific result for the exact user. We are updated team who can dedicate to work and develop the effective system to find out a place in winning way. Our application is user-friendly and supported to provide the first class solution to make use of winning.

place recommendation system