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Enhance your business with ultimate infrastructure innovation

Xotiv Technologies Infrastructure Services enables the business to enhance the constantly ready-state, ding up delivery, building the business context service with unlocking the trapped value. Xotiv delivers the absolute model with innovative features enabling best outcomes rapidly. One of the greatest benefits of our Infrastructure service is the ability to scale quickly up and down based on the enterprise’s requirements.

Our Xotiv Infrastructure Services Accelerates the business that dictates the profound rethinking of the service in much more direct aspect. We focus on the business outcomes with streamlining exact delivery to the high excellence. We are a team of professionals highly talented and mainly focus on the cutting-edge performance delivery.

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Transforming Infrastructure Digitally

Our Infrastructure Services enables the business to enhance the constantly ready-state, ding up delivery, building the business context service with unlocking the trapped value.


High quality and technologically advanced traffic control products

Computerized traffic control signal systems helps to efficiently view as well as manage the complete traffic conditions, implement or modify signal timings and diagnose signal system problems.

Manage current traffic conditions with diagnosing the signal system problems based on the computerized traffic control signal systems. Speed is of the complete essence so with the best practice and reliability, we deliver the service to high excellence without any hassle. Xotiv Technologies is ready to transform Traffic Control System into the digitally activated enterprises to improve more profit to the excellence.

traffic control signal
Smart Street Lights ,Street Lights Management System


Empowering lighting infrastructure to brighten digital city

Today’s smart cities have Street lights have digital networks with the embedded sensors. Collecting and transmitting the information helps to monitor and respond circumstance based on the traffic as well as air quality of crowds to respond all the circumstances.

Smart Street Lights Management System detects the traffic congestion with tracking the parking spaces. Using the same networks could efficiently controlled using the LED lights to flash, dim, turn on and off, and more.


Extensive Infrastructure Security Systems

Xotiv Technologies includes several security features that are designed for providing the secure as well as compliant platform or safeguarding the data and solution. Extensive security features includes software and hardware elements. It is infused with agility for adapting the customers with market demand to the maximum. As competitive as ever changing in the digital landscape, there is more predicting changes happens with the infrastructure to target precisely to enhance the overall user experience.

With number of methods such as firewalls, ingress traffic, security monitoring and filtering used in the process of Infrastructure Security Systems.

Infrastructure Security Systems
Infrastructure Management System


Manage your legacy and applications with Infrastructure Management System

Our team at Xotiv Technologies brings you the time-consuming Infrastructure Management System with driving business outcomes. When you are struggling to manage your legacy systems or applications over the years, we deliver you the extensive terms of availability to the maximum.

We offer the in-depth solution offerings enabling the strategic alliances with wide number of system integrators and technology vendors. Our team delivers the wide range of process that involves the assets, business solutions, and technology IP. We have proven record of delivering the better business outcomes with high excellence infrastructure.