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We built every software solutions to enhance your business growth

We at Xotiv Technology Analytics committed to helping our clients to reach their targets with ease. Apart from that, our service allows anyone to drive competitive advantage as well as support them to capture business value. With our service we help organizations integrate data analytics solutions, in addition to this we also enabling them to gain visibility and improved ROI with ease.

We use innovative technologies and advanced methods for providing solutions that empower our clients to take the benefits of smarter business decisions. Our team of dedicated experts also have great capabilities to handle complicated projects with proper analytics methodologies and best practices. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide best analytics solutions that also solve complex business issues and challenges even drive future growth.


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Xotiv has the relevant experience to deliver robust & Next-Generation IT Solutions and meet the Aviation Industry objectives.


Radar System and services for resource management

Radar System & Services - we are the popular company aim to offer customized software development services, mapping, geological survey, image acquisition services, resource management services based on our client needs.

We are well equipped dedicated team of professionals to offer best software development, maintenance, customization, and support. Our Innovation-rich Aviation solutions allow you to address the demands and needs of your clients. With customer-oriented solutions, we also become the best service providers in the dynamic aviation industry. Now you can explore the most comprehensive advantages of our services.

Radar System & Services
Aviation Maintenance Software


Aviation Maintenance Software for digital flight dispatch process

With our experience, we make a revolution in the aviation industry. We clearly understand the growing digital requirements. So we develop an innovative software solution to deliver reliable operational data to aircraft operators, air traffic control, and airports.

As a technically innovative company, our team always enhance our software products in alignment with airlines this help for more reliable, digital flight dispatch process. We provide genuinely useful information to the airline management this also ensures operations run smoothly also supports for planning post-flight datasets.


Fleet Management System to get great control

Managing the fleet allows any business gets greater cost control and improved resource utilization. As the leading software service provider, we are also engaged in providing Fleet Software Service based on our customers’ specifications.

A dedicated team of professionals only executes every service by utilizing advanced technology that allows them to attain maximum customer satisfaction. Additionally, our service is widely popular among the people for features such as economical prices, promptness, reliability as well as client-centric approach. We at Xotiv Technologies put maximum effort to offer services based on your niche segment.

Fleet Management System
Inventory Management System


Inventory Management System to track data

Inventory Management System keeps all current data trackable so the operator easily accesses quicker current compliance as well as history data. In general, our program also complies with all the standard airline's procedures and aviation requirements.

With our expertise, we have helped many people across the world. We built every software solutions to enhance your business growth. Hence don’t waste your time, just call us to get best solutions to give a new dimension to your business. We continuously put effort to bring a new solution to cover our customer needs.


Cloud-Based Maintenance System to increase efficiency

Cloud-Based Maintenance System provides customers with the great and effective aircraft maintenance solutions. Our software solutions allow our clients to move forward with confidence.

With the industry-leading workflow services, we develop a new range of software services to increase efficiency and save time. With the decades of industry experience, our company also help you in a different process and allows you to get best aircraft maintenance operations. Our software solutions completely support for smooth operation and maintenance and also support aviation industry to get a good reputation.

Cloud-Based Maintenance System