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Are you looking to promote your Agriculture and Farming equipment or agriculture-related services? Xotiv Technologies can do it all. We offer you the ultimate gateway to reach out more audience in much more fascinating and cost-effective way. Our professionals help you to figure out the specific solution tailored to match the complete needs.

Xotiv Technologies is highly capable of developing the farm and agriculture website design solutions that could range from the basic, heavy database systems and informational sites with the extensive custom content management tools. Having a user-friendly website helps you to ultimately take orders, keeps track of your inventory or tracks shipments with the tremendous help.

Agriculture and Farming equipment


Promote Your Agriculture & Farming

We offer you complete farms, agri-based businesses or agriculture organizations with the professional agriculture web design as well as marketing solutions. We bring you the complete exclusive access to the marketing strategies online.


Smart controllers to monitor Irrigation Management System

Xotiv Technologies uses the ultimate Irrigation Management System to monitor and manage irrigation of landscapes across various sized properties. Main goal is to accomplish challenging priorities with well-watered plant material only at minimal amount of water. We save water to keep plant healthy.

Nowadays, marketplace seems to increase the pressure with the extensive resource management. With rapid rising water costs with the mandatory cutbacks forces to find more ways to save water, with keeping the landscapes healthy and green.

Irrigation Management System
Crop Rotation System


Systematic planting of various crops

Crop Rotation System is excellent way of systematic planting of various crops in a particular order for years at same growing space. Crop Rotation System process helps to maintain the complete nutrients in the soil with reducing the soil erosion as well as preventing the pests and plant diseases.

Using the crop rotation system, particular nutrients replenishes based on crops planted. Simple rotation of heavy nitrogen with the plant can maintain the healthy balance of nutrients present in the soil.


Weather forecast model with dataset, temperatures, and precipitation

The Weather Forecast System is completely based on the end user, forecasting type, system type, component and many more that makes the major segments. Xotiv Technologies brings you the complete report details of information on weather forecasting systems as well as solutions market across various factors like restraints, opportunities, drivers, as well as challenges influencing the growth on forecast period.

Analysis of micro-markets based on the individual growth trends, contribution and prospects overall weather forecasting systems market.

Weather Forecast System
Farm Management System


Real-time data on the crop conditions

Xotiv Technologies brings you the Farm Management System facilitates remote monitoring on the agricultural land with enabling the user to easily plan as well as carry out the operations based on agriculture.

We provide you the real-time updates on the current field along with the crop conditions, pinpoints problem areas, determining the vegetation levels as well as delivering the precise weather forecasts. Our report makes it easy to identify all the problem areas on farm as well as pin-point the inspection zones.


Ensure business’s progress with better business decisions

Xotiv Technologies offers Cattle Management System with abundance experience and skills. We ensure the whole business’s progress with making the right business decisions. Cattle Management System allows the dedicated cattle farmers to focus and manage the herd the way to handle everything.

Our service includes performance testing, benchmarking and genetic evaluations. We primarily focus on the agriculture to reach more audience in short time to the excellence. Cattle management system expands your abilities without adding the expensive overhead.

Cattle Management System